There is a saying that exists and is a true principle; in order to know yourself you need to grow yourself. The converse is true in order to grow yourself, you need to know yourself. Which comes first? LOL

If you raise your awareness and begin to know yourself, you will discover that God has placed some deep underlying motivations and desires within you. These deep desires, if followed, will lead you into the fulfillment of your destiny, especially if you ask God to empower and guide your heart. God is speaking this to His children today, “ I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go.” These heart motivations that exist will be expressed whether you are working on a task within your local church or in the community. Whether it is your job, vocation or career, this will be evident if you followed your heart passions or motivations. When you discover the kind of work that excites you, you have discovered the basic underlying heart motivation which flows from within your heart. Remember Jesus said “out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters.” I believe it is important for you to discover what it is that your heart really loves to do and then do that with all your heart as unto the Lord. I love what one person who defined success as; “doing what you love and being paid for it.” I have learned this in life: “if you are doing what you love, the overflow of excitement and passion from your heart is felt and observed by all who are near.” This is what enables a person to go the extra mile in what they are doing. Whether you are volunteering or getting paid, the results are the same in the work that you do.