Online Campus

God is GOOD! Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.1 Chronicles 16:34

But in the day that I’m afraid, I lay all my fears before you
and trust in you with all my heart. Psalms 56:3


In light of the coronavirus we have a lot of people asking: Will we be having church this weekend?


The answer is, ABSOLUTELY! However, due to the gathering restrictions, we will NOT BE HAVING SERVICES ON-SITE THIS WEEKEND.


LivingWaterChurch services will be ONLINE at We need to hear God’s word and worship with His people more than ever.


There is a lot of fear in America right now, especially in the light of COVID-19. Remember: The promises of God are still true! God is bigger than the coronavirus.


The mission of LivingWaterChurch has always been to bring a message of hope to all people. In light of all that is happening, we are even more determined to reach as many people as we can with the life-changing message of hope that comes from Jesus Christ.


Can we pray for you about anything? Give us a call 631-722-4969 ext 6 or send a request by email at or through our website at


Please call or email Pastor Rick with your contact info, as we want to give you a call from time to time and see how you’re doing. You can reach him at 631-722-4969 ext 6 or


We also want to ask you to pray for our nation and for our leaders, pray for our healthcare providers, and for all of those in our country and around the world who are directly or indirectly affected by the coronavirus. I’m sure you can agree that we need God’s help.


We will be online Sunday at 10AM, 1PM and 6PM Wednesday at 7PM and Saturday at 7PM for our service. Let your friends, family, and neighbors know that we have a message of hope for everyone.


This would also be a good time to download our app for your phone or tablet device. You can search for it as Living Water Church Riverhead


On the app you can watch our service live wherever you are, and it also provides lots of material for your spiritual growth.


See you online this weekend!



Pastor George Dupree