Oxymorons are figures of speech in which seemingly contradictory words appear side by side to describe a concept. They are often humorous and intriguing. Like Jumbo shrimp, harmless crime and even non-fat ice cream. When you first see the title “be free by being controlled” sounds impossible. You are probably thinking, “Isn’t the definition of freedom the ability to self-rule without restrictions or controls; or the release from captivity or slavery?” We see in the news many people fleeing their country and migrating to other countries, including the U.S. The problem is not the migrating but the issue is that many people want to come to a country without submitting or obeying the laws of that country. This is a lesson we see clearly and learn frequently throughout life. Obeying the rules or controls of the land provides freedom from the confines of prison. Submitting to your teacher’s control, instruction, learning principles and strategy allows greater freedom to choose the college or vocation you want. Submitting to your coach’s control provides you more freedom from anxiety, pressure and fear when you face a difficult opponent. Submitting to the control of a theatre director or music teacher produces great freedom to explore the art, maximize your expressiveness and freely become the art form. The same is true spiritually. As you submit to the Holy Spirit, stop fighting the way of God, put on the daily armor and let the Holy Spirit guide you in making the right choices in your life. You then become free from the world and are supernaturally empowered by God to achieve your unlimited God-given potential. You are increasingly released from the control and condemnation of sin and then free to truly become the one He created you to be and live the abundant life Christ died for. Today, look at the controls in your life that allow you freedom. Be thankful. Then, look at areas in your life that aren’t working out well. Anything that we are indebted to controls us. Paul wrote, “owe no man anything except a debt of love.” As you move into the year 2019, jettison any emotional baggage you might have. This includes any unforgiveness, offenses, regrets, and grudges that occurred up to this point. Make a concerted effort to release people that had offended, betrayed or hurt you and travel with a light heart into the new year. It is time to remove everything that has weighed you down and re-enter the race that is set before you. Don’t give up but become the person God had intended for you to become.