You probably don’t remember when you were first trying to walk. Or perhaps when you tried riding a bike without training wheels. Ask your parents or grandparents. You fell many times. What did they do when you first tried to walk. They picked you up and you tried again. As toddlers gets older, they discover their ability to cover ground at a much greater rate by running. But to their surprise, they tripped or fell down. They cry, but eventually get up and do it again.

As we leave behind our excess baggage; (i.e. fears, regrets, unforgiveness, bad habits, etc) and enter the new year, your greatest victory during 2019 will not be living a mistake free life. Nor will it be when life seems to knock you down to the ground and you were able to take a few punches. You might tell yourself, “I survived.” No, this is not considered victory. You are victorious and more than a conqueror when after being knocked down, you GET UP. This is the mark of a true warrior. I am reminded of when Jesus walked up the road to Calvary. He collapsed while carrying His cross. With a little help of a bystander, He got up and continued to finish what He started. You might not be carrying a cross up a hill, but there were times you fell down and didn’t want to get up because of all the baggage you are carrying. Yet, you got up. No matter how you feel; get up, dress up, show up and never ever give up. Right now, jettison all your unnecessary fears, concerns, worry, doubt and regrets. Once you do that, you will be able to travel light and fast as you fulfill the plans and purposes of God in you life.