The past is what God allowed in our lives so we would draw close to Him. One outcome of the past is that it prepares us for the good works He has planned for us. God uses both good and bad situations that occurs in my life to make me the kind of person He desires me to be.   

There are unique situations that everyone goes through in life.   He knows what it will take to develop your character and your inner man to become more than a conqueror in Christ.   This is what God intends as He continues to build His Church.   Remember, His church is not a building but people and He is committed to building His people into an army that is visible, bright, influential, and courageous.

Forgetting my past would cause me to miss opportunities to learn about God’s grace, forgiveness and love, and to turn what Satan intended for bad into something God can use for His glory.

When we look over our past, we do need to process it with a very specific focus on Jesus, the Cross and God’s plans and goals. That will transform our lenses so we can take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and allow God to come into those old areas of hurt. Then, lasting healing will occur. Truth will replace the ripples of distortion that fog our lenses. The new creation will be moving toward completion. 

Today, don’t ruminate about your past.  But don’t ignore it as if you’ve had a brain transplant. Your past constantly affects your moment-by-moment decisions. So examine your decisions today to understand how your past affects them. As you reflect, your awareness will be raised so you can identify what is at the center of your heart.  Also, why you do what you do.  

This truly is transformation that Paul talks about in Chapter 12 of the book of Romans.   Today, be aware of how you respond to challenges and difficult circumstances.    Remember,  victorious christians are not exempt problems.   They are victorious because they recognize problems and find solutions and resolve them.   Defeated Christians are those who have problems and talk about them without any resolutions.