Kids Church is our children’s church, for ages 4 years to 12 years of age. It is a fun place for your children to learn about God’s love through music, games and interactive stories!

Kids Church meets every Sunday Morning at the 10:15am service. Just bring your child to check-in at the appropriate classroom before you head into the sanctuary for morning service, and we will handle the rest!
At Living Water Church we endeavor to assist you in bringing your children on a journey of Spiritual Discovery, growth, and commitment.
A journey that we call the Milestones of Faith
The First Milestone is Baby Dedication – At the time of dedication, the child is too young to make the necessary commitment to Jesus for themselves. This commitment would involve repentance, turning to God, renouncing evil, and choosing to live a life pleasing to Jesus. During this time it is the parents who promise that they will try to instill Godly values in their child until the time when the child grows to an age of being able to make that decision for themselves.
The Second Milestone – This is when the child is in second or third grade, at that stage we teach the children the significance of Communion. After the class series is over, the children will have the opportunity to receive Communion publicly.
The Third Milestone – This occurs when a child reaches an age we refer to as an age of accountability, somewhere during the Fourth & Fifth grade. This is the milestone called Confirmation. In Living Water Church the word ‘confirmation’ means that the child is now ready to personally embrace the spiritual values and beliefs that their parents have endeavored to instill in them. This takes place in a special service called a confirmation service where the child states that they have made the decision to dedicate his or her life to Jesus, in a public ceremony.
The Fourth Milestone is Water Baptism – After the child is confirmed, we offer a class on Water Baptism. This milestone gives the child an opportunity to publicly demonstrate their love for Jesus by following the example of Jesus in water baptism. We also refer to this as believer’s baptism. The Child publicly identifies with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.